Bryan Cave

Bryan Cave, an innovative international law firm, prioritizes creating lasting client relationships— including how those relationships translate to the digital space. We helped Bryan Cave measure and optimize the online customer experience with data-driven insights.


Step 1: Devise a research plan.

Bryan Cave wanted its website customer experience to be as helpful and seamless as its offline experiences. We hypothesized that the site’s search functionality may be causing usability issues—a roadblock in the customer experience. We devised a research plan to ensure we gained the insight we needed to test this assumption as well as explore other potential usability roadblocks. This included investigating usability on mobile devices, where users were increasingly searching.


Step 2: Understand how users interact with the current website.

We interviewed existing users, conducted usability tests with potential users, and measured ease-of-use and overall impressions (using the System Usability Scale score) to benchmark the digital customer experience and determine participants’ subjective views of the website.


Step 3: Establish benchmarks and recommendations for a better user experience.

Our findings revealed how Bryan Cave’s core group of users look for information—including insights into how they used the search functionality. We established benchmarks for ease-of-use and overall impressions, and provided strategic recommendations on how to improve the search functionality on desktop and mobile devices.

We were struggling with whether and how to act on anecdotal comments we would receive about our navigation and certain aspects of our website’s functionality. HT Design Studio was able to collect impartial feedback in a measurable way that enabled us to identify and prioritize steps we could take to improve our site.
— Director of Branding & Communication At Bryan Cave

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