Equine Office

Equine Office’s software as a service solution is specifically designed for the equestrian industry and simplifies two things equestrians dread: scheduling and invoicing. We helped Equine Office design and build its product from the ground up—helping them re-imagine a process that was previously conducted offline or using software that wasn’t designed for the equestrian industry.


Step 1: User research to create an MVP.

We conducted competitive research to uncover user experience attributes and features that would provide the most value to customers. We worked with Equine Office to devise the most important set of tasks that would define the minimum viable product (MVP).


Step 2: Create visual design and partner with the development team.

We designed the user experience and visual design for the MVP and worked closely with the development team so we could test the product with real users as soon as possible.


Step 3: Continually measure and optimize the user experience.

Equine Office had a successful beta launch—with an overflow of customers on their waiting list. As we gather information during this phase, we’ll follow the measure>listen>improve process to refine the existing user experience and validate new features before we create them.

We have just recently launched, and the overwhelming feedback is how clean the interface is and how intuitive it is to use. In an industry where many of our users are technically challenged, this has really set us apart from the crowd.
— Julie Little, Founder

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