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You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

Many teams focus on vanity metrics that provide no insight on how to improve their digital product. Instead of relying on data that we can’t act on, our process ensures teams first align business goals with user goals—through observing users. We then measure what we know is important and iterate throughout the lifetime of the digital product.


The L.I.V.E. Digital Method provides clarity on the entire customer experience.

Our unique framework examines multiple touchpoints and emphasizes the fact that your customer’s don't separate the real world from the digital. To them, it’s simply their experience.

The L.I.V.E. Digital Method puts real life into the digital world. We help you interact with your customers as if you were right in front of them. We do this through intense focus on your language, interface, and visuals and a process that continually measures, listens, and improves. The outcome is a better user experience.



We discover the language that let’s you have a real conversation with the user. This promotes connection, usability, and conversions.



We create interfaces that reflect familiar and predicable behavior. We emulate the way people behave in the real world.



We find the visuals that have the most impact. Think of it as an online version of dressing for success.



By integrating language, interface, and visuals, we measure, test, and optimize the entire user experience. The result is happier customers and prospects who appreciate your brand, services, and products.


We use the right tools.

User Experience (UX) workshops

User experience research and design is a group effort. Our user experience (UX) workshops help your teams integrate our proven user experience process into their existing systems. View our workshops.



User Experience (UX) Audit

Don’t rely on intuition when you can measure and optimize for the user experience. Our User Experience (UX) Audit is an initial analysis of the digital product’s user experience, customer insights, analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO), complete with actionable recommendations.


Ongoing Optimization

Because optimizing the user experience is not a one-off project, our User Experience (UX) Audits include 6- to 12-month customizable plans to ensure teams are continually measuring, listening, and optimizing the user experience.


See how we get results for our clients.


We helped a professional services firm measure and optimize the digital customer experience.


We helped a software company re-imagine a process previously performed offline.


We helped an emerging technology company identify and prioritize new features.


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Through our workshops, user experience audits, or ongoing optimization packages, we’ll help you measure and optimize the user experience to demonstrate a return on investment.


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