We helped a nonprofit organization determine user experience roadblocks prior to an extensive website and web app redesign. While the organization knew the site needed to be redesigned, they did not know what specific usability issues prevented users from moving to the next level of engagement.


Step 1: Devise a research plan

We reviewed the website’s analytics and pinpointed areas where they weren’t meeting their goals. Based on our findings, we developed user experience goals and metrics that we would measure during and after the redesign.

Nonprofit user experience research

Step 2: Develop user experience metrics that are tied to organizational goals

By developing personas based on in-depth user interviews and a usability study, we had a shared understanding of the behaviors, motivations, and goals of different types of users. We expanded those personas into user journeys—visual roadmaps of how each persona interacts with the nonprofit, including challenges, opportunities, and strategic recommendations throughout the experience.

Nonprofit personas and user journeys

Step 3: Ensure the site’s information architecture helped users find critical information

We reworked the site’s confusing navigation and conducted a tree test to ensure the site’s revised menu helped users accomplish the tasks they set out to accomplish, while still aligning with the organization’s goals.


Step 4: Measure and optimize over time

We worked closely with the nonprofit’s design team as they redesigned the website and web app based on our strategic recommendations on design, functionality, and content. Prior to development, we performed a usability study to ensure the redesigned site was meeting the organization’s user experience goals.

We are currently working with the nonprofit to monitor site analytics and are conducting additional research as needed to ensure the site is meeting user experience goals post-launch.


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