How We Get Results: Demonstrating UX ROI


The best way to create digital products with great customer experiences is to learn and react quickly during a cyclical process where your team observes, measures, and improves.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a startup, your team often makes assumptions as to how end users will use the product. You’re building the plane as you fly it. And that’s ok, as long as you are constantly learning and improving.

That’s why all of our projects follow the same cyclical process: observe, measure, improve, repeat.


Step 1: Observe

Each cycle is designed to help your team get the insights they need to improve the product. We help you develop research questions, a research plan, and define user experience metrics that tell us if we’re making progress towards our UX goals. Then we observe actual or representative customers use your product, prototype, or competitors’ product. By involving users, we get actionable insights based on how people actually think about and use your product—not guessing. 

Step 2: Measure

What we measure is specific to your product and the research questions. We avoid vanity metrics and instead focus on metrics that provide meaningful information about how to improve the user experience of your product.

Step 3: Improve

The goal of this phase is to either answer your research questions and make decisions on how to move forward or use our findings to inform the next cycle.


For this process to be successful, it must be repeated. Digital products are never “done” and your product and your customers are constantly evolving.


Learn How to Measure the ROI of Your UX Efforts

For the best results, get your entire team involved.

Need your technology-driven team to embrace an iterative process where you’re constantly learning how you can improve your digital product? Our in-house workshops teach your team our process and methodology because their buy-in means better results.