How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Digital Content?

How do you evaluate the effectiveness. of digital content?

Increasing your digital footprint through websites, apps, and social media is a key business strategy. And organizations know that when it comes to winning the hearts and minds of their customers and prospects in the digital world, content is king.

But the truth is bad content can also topple a kingdom—specifically your company.

Content comes in two flavors: language and visuals. Language include such things as headlines, instructions, descriptions, blog posts, and so forth. Visuals include video, photos, illustrations, graphics, infographics, and so forth.

To create great content, you need to understand your customers. What are their needs? What are their expectations? What keeps them up at night? How do they purchase? What makes it hard for them to be successful? Who do they go to for advice? The questions are many and important.

Often, the answers to these questions lead to insights to create personas of your key customers and prospects. Personas are great tools to write content that is engaging and meaningful. It is one of the tools we use consistently with our clients.

You can also use content-specific testing on all your digital products to help you determine what words will get users to perform an action that will benefit both you and them—such as singing up for a newsletter, asking to speak to a sales representative, creating and posting content, making a donation, or purchasing a product.


The content-specific testing we conduct at Voice+Code include:

Tonality Checks

Is the tone right for your audience? Is it too informal or formal? Too technical or not technical enough? How does it make your customers or prospects feel?


Engagement Level

Are you engaging the user to take some action? Are you emotionally engaging through story-telling? Do you offer clear options for feedback?


Key Messaging Evaluation

Are your key messages being communicated clearly? Are they buried in your website? Are you bogging down the user with too much detail? Are you clear about answering your users’ needs?


Comprehension Analysis

Do you users understand what you are telling them? Do they understand the key differentiating benefits of your company? Is on-boarding new users a seamless process? Are instructions helpful? Do they reduce the number of errors in completing a task? 


Brand Consistency

Are you confusing your customers about who you are? Is your brand consistently represented online across all your digital properties (websites, apps, ads, and social)? Does your online branding match or complement your offline efforts?

How do you get the answers to these questions? We often conduct in-depth user interviews, field studies, diary studies or a combination of these research methods. Armed with the insights from this research, we’ll create language-specific user experience metrics that we’ll track over time to see if we are meeting our goals.


Our process of “observe, measure, improve” provides actionable insight into how users understand and interact with your content. Interested in learning more? Send us a note.