How We Get Results: Demonstrating a UX ROI


When you’re building digital products—whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an emerging technology startup—your team makes assumptions about what end users think and how they behave.

You’re building the plane as you fly it. And that’s ok, as long as you are constantly learning and improving.

That’s why all of our projects, regardless of the specific deliverables, follow the same cyclical process where we first validate our assumptions through user research and continually measure and optimize by defining UX KPIs. The result?

  1. A process that minimizes risk and reduces waste.

  2. Products and features people actually want and are easy to use.

  3. The ability to demonstrate a UX ROI.

Voice+Code's UX Process

1: Define business goals

We work with you to define business goals that will inform how we approach the rest of the process.

2: User Experience (UX) Research to Align Business Goals with User Goals and Define UX Metrics

We’ll conduct user research to ensure business goals align with user goals. Without this alignment, there’s no point in moving forward with the process. We focus on fixing these issues before wasting time developing solutions that will never work. In addition, we’ll uncover and fix roadblocks that impede users from performing key tasks or from moving to the next level of engagement.

UX research also gives us the information we need to develop meaningful UX KPIs, to ensure we can demonstrate a UX ROI.

3: Revise Information Architecture and Design

The majority of our projects require an information architecture overhaul. Once we fix how things are named and organized—and, as a result, fix underlying user experience problems—we move forward with design and development.

4: Pre-Launch Testing and Iteration

We observe users as they interact with an interactive prototype. This allows us to fix user experience issues prior to launch.

5: Post-Launch Measurement and Optimization

After launch, we work with your team to monitor progress via analytics, surveys, usability studies, and more. As a result of measuring, we’ll often conduct additional research. Based on our findings, we’ll implement changes and continue to measure and improve.

As your product, your users, and the market changes, we repeat this process to continually optimize the user experience.


Learn How to Measure the ROI of Your UX Efforts

For the best results, get your entire team involved.

Need your technology-driven team to embrace an iterative process where you’re constantly learning how you can improve your digital product? Our in-house workshops teach your team our process and methodology. After all, their buy-in means better results.