HT Design Studio is Now Voice+Code


We've got a new name and a new vision.

There's something we learned very clearly from our years of experience with our clients and their customers—people don't separate the real world from the digital world.

That means we need to be laser-focused on the voice of the customer, which informs the digital user experience, and the code (technology) that provides that experience. So we have changed our name from HT Design Studio to Voice+Code.

Many digital experiences fail to meet even basic customer expectations. When you make the mistake of relying on intuition alone, you lose the insights that are key to making great experiences. You also dramatically increase the chances of your product failing. A great user experience is one that aligns business goals with user goals and is measured and optimized over time. That way, you speak the language of your stakeholders while also creating happier customers and prospects who appreciate your brand, services, and products. We are dedicated to making sure your digital properties not only meet expectations—they set the bar.

Voice Code