Voice+Code Founder Heidi Trost Talks Customer Experience on Build a Better Agency Podcast

Podcast: What Agencies Don't Know About the Customer Experience

Voice+Code founder and Director of UX, Heidi Trost, spoke with Drew McLellan, host of Build a Better Agency, a podcast that helps agency owners grow and scale their businesses. Heidi spoke with Drew about what agencies need to know about optimizing the customer digital experience.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • We’re asking technology to do more thing than ever before. As more and more offline activities get moved to the digital space, the customer digital experience gets increasingly more important.

  • If you’re a designer or developer, remember that the people you are designing for often are dramatically less technology-savvy than you are.

  • People who create digital products often make a lot of assumptions about their customers/user with little to no data to back them up. This inevitably results in product or features no one wants or are difficult to use.

  • Aligning organizational goals with customer goals is the first step in improving your product and customer experience.

  • Observation is key to understanding your customers’ wants and needs. You get far more insight watching someone struggle to use your product than you would in any other scenario. You will not, for example, get the necessary customer digital experience insights you need through a focus group.

  • Personas and customer journeys are living documents. They are artifacts that your team creates that will change over time as you learn more and more about your customer.

Listen to the podcast on the Build a Better Agency podcast website or listen on iTunes.