For digital products to be successful, the entire team needs to understand user goals, motivations, and behaviors. Our user experience workshops show your teams how to conduct user research, provide value through digital products, and continually measure and optimize the user experience to demonstrate a return on investment.

Workshop: UX Strategy for Successful Digital Products

UX Strategy for Successful Digital Products

1 or 2 days

How do you know that you’re building something that people need? How do you know you’re helping users accomplish the things they want to accomplish?

All too often, people fall in love with their assumptions before they validate them through research. This often results in a failed digital product. Remember, an assumption is just a hypothesis until you validate it. Validating assumptions is an important part of UX strategy.

Our UX strategy workshop that will show you:

  • How to quickly validate an idea—even before you design.

  • How to use existing UX patterns to quickly test and iterate on an idea.

  • How to translate business goals into UX metrics.

  • How to communicate UX strategy and digital product ideas to stakeholders and developers.

Workshop: How to Conduct Usability Studies

How to Conduct Usability Studies

1 or 2 days

A usability test or usability study determines how well a user can perform a task or set of tasks on a website, app, or even a smartwatch or car navigation system. Have you ever left a website because it was frustrating to use? Have you ever abandoned a purchase because the user experience was so bad? Of course you have, and so will your customers if your website or product is not user-friendly.

In this hands-on, highly interactive usability workshop, your team will learn:

  • How usability studies can help your business measure and achieve its user experience goals.

  • How to conduct a usability study.

  • How to utilize usability study insights to improve your digital product.

Workshop: Creating Voice through Content

Creating Voice Through Content

1 or 2 days

What is the voice of your digital properties? Are you engaging different personas who make up your target audiences? Do people immediately understand what value you provide so they can take action? Is the writing engaging and clear?

Our content workshop will help your team:

  • Create a message platform that reflects your customer needs.

  • Write instructions that minimize customer service intervention.

  • Optimize product and service descriptions to drive sales.

  • Write content that promotes customer engagement.

  • Test for the tone of your content.

  • Measure the effectiveness of your content to demonstrate a return on investment.

Workshop: How to Measure the User Experience

How to Measure the User Experience to Demonstrate a Return on Investment

1 or 2 days

Before your team creates or redesigns a digital product, there should be a consensus on your users and their goals, motivations, and preconceptions. Aligning business goals with user goals is critical to the digital product’s success.

During this workshop, we show your team how to:

  • Set user experience goals that are tied to business goals.

  • Identify what can be measured that indicates you’re making progress towards those goals.

  • Understand what method(s) to use for each metric.

  • Understand what the process of measuring and optimizing looks like and how to incorporate it into your digital product design and development process.

  • How these metrics can inform the roadmap for your digital product.


Workshop testimonials

The UX Strategy workshop with Heidi was an awesome learning experience. I learned a lot of valuable information through her presentation full of real world examples and discussion!
I valued learning how to measure success and communicate UX strategy to stakeholders.
It was a pleasure getting to listen and learn about UX strategy from you, great visuals with information formatted in an enjoyable and digestible way.
Heidi coherently and eloquently presented a complex topic with succinct clarity. It’s rare that tech-savvy individuals possess such clear communication skills and are able to effectively convey such a depth of material.

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